Bestiality HumourEdit

What do New Zealanders think of being called sheep-shaggers?

While New Zealanders are generally self-deprecating and have a good sense of humour, jokes at our expense about intercourse with sheep are considered unoriginal and bad taste kind of boring now, but no one really cares. However, used sparingly in the context of the friendly ribbing common in New Zealand they can be endearing. With this in mind, here are some staples of the genre.

How does a Kiwi find sheep in long grass?

Did you know Kiwis have found a new use for sheep?

Why do kiwi parents hate finding out their sons are sexually active?

It's a bloody awkward thing to hear from a vet

Also, if you've ever put a towel over a cats head and see the way they push back to get it off; if you use a bag, sheep do it too.