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Here's a list of some common questions that we get asked by people thinking of visiting or moving to New Zealand . To save us the trouble of answering the same questions all the time, please make sure you have a good read through. If you can't find the information you're looking for first try a Google Search then if you do decide to post anyway make sure you mention you've read this FAQ in your post or it will likely be ignored.


Copyright InfringementEdit

As of 1st September 2011 New Zealand has the draconian Copyright Infringement act which allows internet users to be fined up $15,000.00 for copyright infringement and presumed guilty until proven innocent.

We will maintain a list of warnings received by people here. If you receive a warning or know of someone who has, please reply to this Reddit thread with the following information:

  • Content you're accused of downloading
  • Rights holder
  • Company who issued the warning
  • Link to file you're accused of downloading (torrent link, etc)
  • Date alleged infringement occurred
  • Date warning received

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